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Fourier has been innovative in the transformation of businesses for over eighteen years.

We help our clients to be able to rely on their capability to repeatedly execute predictable processes to deliver quality services/products at a desired price. The Fourier Way focuses on the optimisation of an organisation by translating customer requirements and the business strategy into resilient operations by ensuring that the business can deliver quality products/service through the execution of such processes and enabling and integrating the people, processes and technology. In doing so, Fourier ensures that the workforce take accountability for delivering quality goods/services in an efficient manner by executing well designed processes, supported by suitable technology. The businesses in the Fourier Approach Group are as follows:

Fourier-IT Innovation

ICT Innovation takes an organisation from the initial function of ICT capability, to a scalable, reliable compliant business support function. From automation, integration, BI solutions to IT Governance consulting, end-to-end support solutions and support outsourcing with 24 hour onsite national capabilities.

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Fourier-E Consultation Services

Our Industrial Engineers ensure that processes are validated, re-engineered and the operations are optimised and visible. The Supply Chain should be geared to deliver predictable quality at the right operational rhythm. Brand protection, profitability and growth are outputs of operational resilience.

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Fourier Recruitment

Offering recruitment solutions specifically tailored for the African market. We offer a world-class service covering our full recruitment lifecycle and comprising of temporary and permanent placements. Matching the right talented individuals are a fundamental ingredient, for growth and developing - a competitive edge in any organisation.

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Through development and guaranteed delivery of integrated solutions, the customers of RQTech are provided with business information on demand. These include companies in health-care, local government, communications and banking industries. RQTech Operates according to sound business principles underpinned by integrity, honesty and participate in a vibrant partner network, providing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions to our customers build around our self-developed Orbit ECM products and as a certified ABBYY Partner.

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Our group policies and strategies ensure sound
returns, services and products

Through sound structure, policies, procedures and governance, value is created for all stakeholders (Investors, Customers, Employees).

Support services for businesses in the group

Shared services are provided for in the Group Entity, Fourier Approach. Quality Financial-, HR-, and General Management, including offices and other infrastructure are being rendered to subsidiaries and shareholding companies.

Return for investors

A realistic and proud history of return on investment has been the character of Fourier.

Joseph Fourier

Careers for graduates and other professionals

Our people form our strength. Fourier believes in sound recruitment through focus on talent and training and the creation of quality of life at work through a healthy culture of mutual respect.

Value to customers

Value creation for customers forms a prerequisite in all that is being done and is a principle in the Fourier Way.

We Live our Name

French mathematician, Egyptologist and administrator who made many contributions to mathematical physics, and is remembered for the Fourier series.

Jean-Baptiste-Joseph Fourier
(21 Mar 1768 - 16 May 1830)

Reducing complexity in a structured manner has been the focus of Fourier Analysis, as developed by Joseph Fourier, over centuries.

Translating technology offerings into business capability and reducing complexity in solving problem statements have been the foundation of the business offering from Fourier. Through the structured application of method, complexity is resolved. Solutions are designed and implemented for optimised business results and performance measures. The assignment of a balanced team of professionals ensures innovative thinking in the transformation process of addressing specific challenges.

These principles have been adopted and structured into the Fourier Approach, through which we bridge the gap between business objectives and technology in an innovative way.

The Fourier Way

The success of an organisation relies on their capability to repeatedly execute predictable processes to deliver quality services/products at a desired price to a buying market.

The Fourier Way focuses on the optimisation of an organisation by translating customer requirements and the business strategy into resilient operations to deliver quality products/service through processes and enabling and integrating the people, processes and technology.

In doing so, Fourier ensures that the workforce take accountability for delivering quality goods/services in an efficient manner to ensure resilience supported by suitable technology.

The Fourier Way Principles

The Fourier Way is a structured, continuous improvement methodology grounded in the Capability Maturity Model and guided by the Fourier Way Principles.

Growth, profitability and brand protection

Any organisation needs to strive for effectiveness and efficiency whilst continuously aiming to grow the business, maintain (or even increase) the profitability and protect its brand.

Design thorough, implement fast

The Fourier Way places an emphasis on the importance of a thorough design by designing properly before implementing the well designed solution.

Importance of standardised work

The Fourier Way acknowledges the importance of standardised work through the execution of documented, stable, repeatable, predictable processes.

The chicken principle (grass root decisions)

The Fourier Way strives to enable the workforce (chicken legs) to perform their duties whilst at the same time striving for a lean middle management layer (chicken body).

Simplified Metrics

“Only that which can be measured, can be understood and improved” however; metrics should be kept simple and unambiguous.

Multi level accountability

Accountability sits at all levels within the organisation and a well designed organisational structure will eliminate the need for a “check the checker” structure.

Continuous, rhythmic flow

The importance of a well designed flow of work forms an integral part of the approach towards optimisation of an environment.

Doing what is right

The principle of doing what is right (and not simply what is easy) shapes the thinking behind the Fourier Way.

Resilient solutions

The adaptability of the solution is key in an ever changing environment. Resilient solutions can adapt to change whilst still delivering on the core purpose and requirements.

Why Fourier?

Fourier is an established business in South Africa, aiming for growth and prosperity in our business and in our customer base. Our aim is the improvement and betterment of organisations we contribute to. We will ensure VALUE through PASSION in WORLD CLASS services and solutions.

Fourier is not merely a consultancy, services or product supplier, we assist and partner with our customers in the implementation of betterment, in the delivery, implementation and support of solutions and in the measurement of achievement. This approach distinguishes Fourier as the leader in our fields of expertise and the value we bring to the market.

Fourier Approach

About the Group

Fourier Approach (Pty) Ltd a privately owned company. Since its inception in 1998, Fourier has grown to be a successful entity with a diversified customer base. The company offered a range of different competencies, services and products, each with its own or combined valuable IP.

During the winter of 2014, the Fourier Approach Entity was unbundled after a restructuring process to form two subsidiaries, namely Fourier E Consultation Services (Pty) Ltd and Fourier IT Innovation (Pty) Ltd The traditional business now trades through these entities, with a growth strategy to develop the group further.

All business and industrial engineering consultancy work is done in Fourier E and all Information Management related work in Fourier IT Innovation. All biometric offerings (access control, time and attendance, logical access and other value added products like visitors modules, etc.) - previously done in Supervision Biometric Systems - was merged with the Fourier IT Innovation business and Fourier IT Innovation will keep trading and supporting those products, services and technologies.

Fourier Recruitment was formed in March 2014 and service the market with recruitment and contract resourcing. Further to this a collaboration model, through the Fourier Recruitment has been formed and is currently being established as a unique concept of recruitment in the marketplace.

Fourier Approach owns a significant share in RQTech (Pty) Ltd. RQTech focuses on Electronic Content Management, mostly on the Local Government Market.

We are proudly South African

We are proud to be part of the great nation of South Africa and work with passion to guarantee that we can continue in the spirit of “Ubuntu” and give back. Therefore, we ensure that we contribute to the development of our youth by providing them with opportunities to improve their career and education.

Flag of South Africa

We have a compliment of locally skilled technical and management resources that understand the South African market and cultural dynamics. This enables us to deliver maximum value by rapidly building relationships of trust and open communication, thus eliminating situations of workplace ambiguity.

Fourier Approach is rated as a level 4 contributor.

Our Management Team

The heart of what we do at Fourier Approach is the people

Kobus Fick


Pieter Conradie


Feel free to engage with any member of our team and get into contact with us.

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